Graphic Design: Now in Production

The 2011 exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production, co-curated by Andrew Blauvelt at The Walker Art Center and Ellen Lupton at Cooper-Hewitt is a survey of contemporary graphic design’s movements towards self-authorship and entrepreneurialism. In contrast to the multitude of produced outcomes, my contribution (as a part of Aesthetic Apparatus) was focused on process. Our installation consisted of no final outcomes at all, but a floor to ceiling waterfall of test prints and make readies, each print unique from the next. The intention was to highlight the scale of the literal waterfall of unseen iteration, monotony, and error enclosed within the act of creative practice and production.

Among the array of poster, book, type, data visualization, publication, animation, logos and product outcomes my (Aesthetic Apparatus’) contribution to the exhibition was wholly process.
(Created while with Aesthetic Apparatus.)